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Cruzata CRM software is a tool that help organize & track interaction with clients, build custom database, follow-up leads that helps individuals store information in one place and be more productive to make collaboration easier!

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CRM - SaaS

The powerful & easy to use CRM to make your business stronger

Cruzata CRM is an intuitive & easy to use platform which automates sales and marketing for small & mid-sized businesses, freelancers and sales professionals to organize & manage potential leads, contacts, clients, organizations, vendors, with modern and simple interface.

Cruzata CRM software is a tool that help organize & track interaction with clients, build custom database, follow-up with leads that helps individuals store information in one place and be more productive to make collaboration easier.

Build your Custom CRM with us

working with our team is easy.

CRM software deploys technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support plus manage customers, records, and their surveys.

CRM enables Cross selling or Upselling by providing historical data. You can track customer activity at each end points. Also, helps to generate sales forecasts based on Customer Feedback and Communication.

Cruzata CRM aids executive leadership in identifying, preventing and effectively addressing recurrent obstacles in business processes allowing for smooth functioning. We follow Agile methodology to build your dream CRM that give an opportunity to keep a track of your Custom CRM progress and it is defined by acheiving buisness goals

Explore the world of our CRM features:

Leads Management

Cruzata CRM helps you what stage your deal is with your Sales Pipeline and organize with ease.

Contact Management

If you opt for Clouderac CRM, it helps you manage & import contacts in your CRM Software. Automate your leads to contacts and manage them as converted clients.

Design improvements

We have 4 full-time designers on hand to help produce any artwork for your website or digital marketing assets.


Opportunities is very important to generate real revenue for the organization which starts with identifying the hot prospects and ends with winning or losing them.

To do's & Events

With our Cruzata CRM put your calendar online & add tasks, events, schedule meetings, appointments, attach documents (any supported formats) on one single go.

Agreements & Invoice

Send agreement to your contact in minutes to do conversions faster and close opportunitie. Make your own terms and legal clauses s

Each month our team will call or meet with you to discuss changes for the month ahead and you will be given a direct number to contact our team should anything arise during the month.

Obviously the number of hours you may require could vary from just 10 to 100 hours on a monthly basis and you may already have a budget for us to work within – whatever the case we will suggest what we think you will require based on the complexity and build of your website.


Our Passionate Team.

With 'Can do' Attitude.

We have a dedicated team of CRM Software and Mobile App Developers who can assist with any changes at your utmost urgent request.

Our schedule is different from Projects Team and clients are able to reserve time on a monthly or weekly basis to make iterations. The team is creative to make to give ideas for Module and functions needs to be developed in your Custom CRM .

We can take care of every techy thing.

Enhancements, Customizations, Developments, Security we do all under one roof.

You don't have to worry about CRM setup/optimisation. You can leave all of the CRM related stuff to our dedicated team of CRM developers and they can make sure everything is perfect and running swiftly:


Users can generate all kinds of reports related to the database for analytics and performance. Sales Reports, Expense Report, Income Reports, Leads Reports etc


Admin owner can keep a track of track of timesheet of their teammates and employees to measure the time management of each individuals with productivity insights.

Project Management

A company can handle the projects relevant to their industries at one place to manage projects with the Milestones, Tasks, To-dos.


Users can setup Staff, Customers, Leads, Finance, Contracts, Email Templates, Custom Fields and Roles, Theme Setup, Cron Jobs, Payment Gateways settings, Theme Styles etc


One can do Bulk PDF Export Calendar Management, Goals Tracking, Survey Management, Activity log, Ticket pipe log


Every user can create a ticket in this CRM regarding any grivenace addressing towards any department, for customer, with the priority etc


500 contact


1000 contacts
Activity log


Unlimited contacts
Activity log